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An arrest can be a terrifying experience. You need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Tucson Arizona who leaves nothing to chance. Natasha Wrae has been practicing in Pima County and throughout southern Arizona since 1999, she is committed and focused on providing exemplary criminal defense to all of her clients. Natasha Wrae has represented people all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. Natasha is there for you every step of the way, helping you understand your options and explaining what steps need to be taken to secure your freedom and protect your rights. Her focus is on providing aggressive, knowledgeable and effective legal services for anyone accused of a crime.


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Facing criminal charges is traumatic, but retaining a Criminal Defense Attorney in Tucson Arizona should not be. There are hundreds of criminal defense attorneys to choose from. Many will scare you into hiring them immediately or offer you unethical promises of beating your charges. An attorney who uses either of these tactics does not have your best interests in mind. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, it is critical that you feel comfortable and confident with the attorney you choose. For 17 years, I have been a Criminal Defense Attorney Tucson Arizona that people rely on for honest legal support. I understand that when you hire me, you are putting your future in my hands. With a stellar reputation in the legal community and an intricate knowledge of the ins and outs of criminal law, I offer you the peace of mind of knowing your case is being properly and professionally handled.




Sex Offenses


Assault & Related Offenses


Domestic Violence


Criminal Trespass


  • My experience with Natasha Wrae PC was very well. I was treated with respect and my court date was never missed even when I was out of town. I will highly recommend Law office of Natasha for legal assistance.


    Vivek Kumar
  • Natasha is amazing and very professional!! She went above and beyond to help me through my DUI. Natasha had no problem answering questions and concerns that I had regarding the case. Christy her secretary was amazing and supper professional as well! She got back to me when I had questions right away! Natasha Wrae will fight for you!!

  • She was great. Always willing to answer questions and listen to what I had to say. Smart, fierce, and willing to go to the mat for me.

  • A criminal charge can be very devastating, disruptive, and lead to an all-consuming negative mindset for the one charged. I had a most unexpected charge and a case that lasted over a year. Throughout this process, I gained tremendous respect for Natasha Wrae and her staff. First and foremost, Natasha knows the law and extended critical research into statutes associated with the charges. A client has to develop a sense of confidence in their representation and this certainly was the case with Natasha. In addition, to confidence in her ability to understand and execute the best course for me, she maintained a sincere and empathetic attitude for my well-being. Most importantly, Natasha holds professional respect from the Judges and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, important components in determining a case’s outcome. In Natasha’s office, Christy is exceptional in her communication both oral and written, which again developed confidence for me. I was most fortunate to have Natasha and her staff represent me and I unreservedly recommend her.  DD

  • Let me start off by saying I’m truly appreciative for getting referred to Natasha Wrae… Natasha Wrae has went above and beyond to get me the best outcome for my mistake I made with the law… I highly recommend Natasha Wrae for any of your bad decisions any body has made out there!!! Thx again Natasha Wrae, you’re the best there is to offer…
    Very satisfied client,
    Derek Breen………….

    MJ thaG.O.A.T
  • If you need a lawyer, Natasha is the one. I work with her professionally and she and Christy are fantastic, caring and professional.
    Craig Bergman
  • I had the pleasure of working with Natasha a couple of years ago. She did a great job of informing me of every step of my lawsuit. She went to court for me on several occasions without me having to be there and let me know the outcomes immediately. I truly appreciate everything she did for me and the end result was better than I imagined!
    Nichol Marr
  • I never thought I would be in a position to need the services of a criminal defense attorney. My family friend, who is also an attorney, recommended Natasha Wrae, emphasizing her professional reputation among her peers. The empathy, professionalism, dedication, competence, and quality of service that I received from Ms. Wrae and her assistant have helped me through an extremely difficult time. I recommend Natasha Wrae’s services without reservation.
    Heather Severson

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