Drug Offenses

Drug charges are very common in Arizona. But, no two cases are the same.  I will give your case the individual attention it needs for the best defense.  I have been handling drug cases for 19 years in all parts of Arizona, including Southern Arizona and Northern Arizona.  I will pick apart every aspect of the State’s case.  The most crucial aspect of a drug case involves the search and seizure of the items you are being charged with.  I thrive on these types of legal issues…they truly are my favorite part of being a criminal defense attorney in Tucson, AZ.


The second most crucial part of a drug case is the prosecutor.  Prosecutors are cut-throat, no nonsense individuals.  If there is any aspect about your case, like how you treated the officer, that causes a prosecutor to not like you, it makes your case that much harder to get a good resolution.  The prosecutors, not the Judge, are the only ones that are in control of the plea offer you get. You need a well respected, zealous advocate to help with that process.  I will tirelessly fight for the best possible outcome in your case.


Effects of Drug Conviction

While society is slowly becoming more lenient with drug use, there are some offenses that result in mandatory prison.  It is never recommended that you try to resolve your case by yourself.  You need an attorney to evaluate your case and advise you step-by-step to get the best possible outcome.  Even if you have a Medical Marijuana Card, it is never a good idea to go it alone.
A drug conviction can have long lasting repercussions besides just have a criminal record, doing time and paying fines. Some convictions will result in you losing many public benefits, i.e. welfare, public housing, scholarship opportunities, student loan opportunities, etc.  Don’t risk a lifetime of regret and hardship, let me help you.
Oftentimes, drug charges are an indication of serious underlying drug addictions.  After being charged, most people make a pledge to address their addiction.  If this is you, I applaud your decision. I will help you find a suitable treatment program immediately.  Your positive efforts at rehabilitation while your case is pending goes a long way in the Judge’s eyes.
Free consultation
Whatever you do, don’t delay speaking with me. Time is of the essence so call my office today 520-624-4224 to arrange a free consultation of your drug charges.  I will honestly assess your situation.  If you really don’t need an attorney, I will tell you.  If you choose to hire me, you can rest assured you will receive the best defense money can buy.
Even if your case is pending in Nogales, Bisbee, Wilcox, Safford, Mammoth, Globe, Flagstaff, Pinetop, Show Low, Springerville, or anywhere else in Arizona, we can arrange a telephone or video conference.  I offer reasonable prices for even remote areas, because everyone deserves the best defense.

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