A criminal charge can be very devastating, disruptive, and lead to an all-consuming negative mindset for the one charged. I had a most unexpected charge and a case that lasted over a year. Throughout this process, I gained tremendous respect for Natasha Wrae and her staff. First and foremost, Natasha knows the law and extended critical research into statutes associated with the charges. A client has to develop a sense of confidence in their representation and this certainly was the case with Natasha. In addition, to confidence in her ability to understand and execute the best course for me, she maintained a sincere and empathetic attitude for my well-being. Most importantly, Natasha holds professional respect from the Judges and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, important components in determining a case’s outcome. In Natasha’s office, Christy is exceptional in her communication both oral and written, which again developed confidence for me. I was most fortunate to have Natasha and her staff represent me and I unreservedly recommend her.  DD