I was absolved of all charges…“I would like to share with you my experience with Natasha Wrae, who represented me in my DUI case. Natasha was continually proactive throughout the process. Communication and professionalism were a key point in Natasha’s forte. I received several phone calls during the months ahead regarding strategies, continuances, and overall reassurances throughout this difficult time. Natasha is a woman of integrity and will honestly guide you through the process of pros and cons of your case. With regards to her court room procedures, she worked the prosecuting attorney with a finesse that was admiring to watch and explained things to me as we went along so that I would and could understand all that was happening. I haven’t dealt with an attorney of Natasha’s standing and abilities in a very long time and I am, to say the very least, impressed. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and experience are incredible, and her professionalism is above reproach. I couldn’t have found a better attorney had I looked for a thousand years. I was absolved all charges after only 40 minutes of the jury deliberating my case.